Frequently Asked Questions

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is a specialized technique to deposit pigment into the upper layer of the dermis. This is a form of tattooing.

What process is involved?

If you are a new client, the process includes an initial consultation. This can be done the same day or if you would just like to learn more we can consult at a separate appointment. At a consultation we will discuss your desires for permanent makeup, your medical history, and explain in further detail what is involved during and after the procedure. The next step would be the application of the permanent makeup. After 4-8 weeks you would come back for a "touch up" to the area.

As a previous client, if you choose to have a "color enhancement" because your procedure area has faded after a 1-5 years, you will not need to have a consultation and a "touch up" or second appointment is not included in the price.

Are permanent cosmetics really permanent?

The permanent cosmetic procedures are considered permanent because what is implanted into the skin will be there forever.  Although, the pigment WILL fade over time. This will allow the procedure to "age with you" or you can opt for a "Color Enhancement" to refresh and maintain the look. Color Enhancements are a 1 process procedure and are not priced with a "touch up" appointment.

What is the healing process like?

It will take approximately 1-2 weeks for the area to heal, in some cases it could be longer. Makeup needs to be avoided in the procedure area for at least 3 days. I will give you instructions and aftercare ointment to take with you. There can be some swelling and tenderness for a few days. The color tends to be darker and lines bolder for the first week. In some cases brow aftercare can differ depending on hair strokes or shading.

Is it painful?

There can be discomfort for some, although most are pleasantly surprised and had expected the pain to be worse. Contrilling pain is very important to me. I do whatever possible to make sure the procedure area is numb. Topical anesthetics are used to help with pain management. They are used before and throughout the procedure.

Who cannot have the permanent makeup procedure?

There are a few medical conditions which may require your doctors' clearance before getting a permanent cosmetic procedure. Other possible contraindications include;

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers will not be tattooed, no exceptions.

Accutane users must wait 6 months to a year after discontinuing the medication.

Latisse or eyelash enhancing products, please inform of use.

Blood thinners or aspirin, please inform of use.

If you are required to take an antibiotic before the dentist, you will need to have one before this procedure as well.

Antiviral medication is needed before a lip procedure.

Retin-A or glycolic use should be discontinued a couple days before procedure.  Please inform of use.

Glaucoma patients may require a doctors approval.

How much does it cost?

Please see the Pricing page:


If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.



Kelly Himes, CPCP
Cosmetologist/Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional

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