Permanent Make-Up Pricing

Initial Pricing

The initial prices are for NEW customers. These are general prices, an extra thick eyeliner or special designing could be extra.  These prices are for the first procedure appointment and one touch up. If you would like a third appointment (extra touch up), the price is $50 within 3 months of original procedure. This would happen because you choose to work a little more conservative at previous appointments.
Price increases begin March 1st, 2023

         Eyeliner (top and bottom)     $435*

         Eyeliner top

         Eyeliner bottom

         Eyebrows                            $435 - $455*

         Full Lips                              $510*

         Lip Liner                             $350*

*$10 discount for cash or check

Color Enhancement Pricing

Color Enhancement procedures are for PREVIOUS customers of Kelly. Color Enhancement is to refresh older procedures.  If you have had previous permanent makeup elsewhere, refer to NEW customer pricing. Those with previous procedures may actually be in need of color correction as well, which could be priced differently. These prices are only a general guide and may be adjusted based on time and fading of the procedure area. Some procedures may be priced as a new procedure due to fading.

         Eyeliner (top and bottom)        $275*

         Eyeliner top OR bottom only     $165*

         Eyebrow (with visible shape)   $235*

         Full Lips                                 $405*

         Lip Liner                                 $175*

*$10 discount for cash or check

Gift Certificates are available.


Kelly Himes, CPCP
Cosmetologist/Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional

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