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*Price increases begin March 1st, 2023*



Thank you for visiting my website. I am excited to share my work with you. When choosing someone to put permanent makeup on your face, please choose wisely!

Permanent makeup is the process of inserting pigment permanently into the skin. With this process I can create eyebrows, enhance lashes, place eyeliner, enhance a lip line or add color to lips. I am also currently working to perfect areola enhancement as a last step for breast cancer reconstruction.

Although the pigment placement is permanent, it will fade, or lighten over time. How fast the pigment fades will vary. Factors that may affect the length of time until you would see fading include; sun exposure, medications, skin care regimen, skin type, and choice of the color being implanted. You may choose to have a "Color Enhancement" after a period of time once your permanent makeup fades. The longevity of any permanent makeup procedure is not guaranteed.

I choose the highest quality pigments. I am very comfortable knowing what outcomes they will produce in a variety of skin types and colors. Permanent makeup procedures that are done with low-quality pigments or pigments that are not intended for the face can have disastrous outcomes. I have seen eyebrows that years later are blue, peach, purple and grey. This is one reason you should do your research. Learn what your brows will look like as they fade.

*Price increases begin March 1st, 2023*

I strive in providing client comfort and satisfaction. I will listen to your desires for Permanent Cosmetics and create a look for you that will enhance your features naturally.



Kelly Himes, CPCP
Cosmetologist/Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional

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